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Tom Pokopec of Wright Advertising helps market companies effectively with TV commercials, radio ads, and online websites. Contact him in York, Pennsylvania, to learn more about his expertise in TV, radio, and online marketing. He can also help with promotional materials, such as brochures.

Television and Remote

TV Commercials Designed to Target Your Ideal Customers

Reach as many people as possible with a TV ad! An ad on TV is an excellent way to advertise and help promote your company's brand. Tom has many years of experience creating TV ads for companies. He works very closely with each of his clients to create the right type of ad that will attract the most attention and target the right type of audience.

Request a consultation with Tom to discuss the type of TV ad you're interested in. He will try to get to know a little about your business and develop an ad centering on what you offer.

Catchy Radio Ads

A radio ad is one of the best ways to raise your company's profile and generate more business. Tom writes, produces, directs, and even performs radio ads for companies. He showcases the uniqueness of each company through the ad and makes your company stand out from others.

If you're interested in developing a radio ad for your company, contact Tom and he'll work with you to create the perfect ad. You do not need to travel to a studio. Instead, Tom comes to you with his portable, digital audio recording equipment to record on site in the comfort of your own environment. Your ad will reflect the many qualities of your business and will air on certain stations and at specific times to target the right audience.

Developing & Optimizing a Website for Your Business

Every company should have a website with proper search engine optimization. Tom helps create brochure-style websites and e-commerce sites for companies of all types. A typical website includes the layout, design, and special add-ons, including Facebook™, LinkedIn™, and Twitter™. Having a website for your business allows customers to access you digitally, whether through a computer or phone, and learn more about what you offer and how to contact you directly.

All of your media should march to the same beat and we can coordinate that for you!